Centre of Translation

Address:    131 Luong Nhu Hoc St., Cam Le District, Da Nang City.
Email:          translation@ufl.udn.vn
The  functions of Translation Centre are:
1. To organise researching, applying and carrying out issues related to translation services (including translating and interpreting), aiding Translation teaching at departments inside and outside University of Foreign Languages and Studies.
2. To assist UFL to organise scientific events such as: seminars, symposiums on translation in order to accommodate exchange and help to improve teaching staff’s and students’ competence.
3. To act as a focal point of UFL for cooperating with domestic and foreign agencies or units in training staff as well as implementing translation projects
4. To provide agencies or individuals with translation and interpretation services as required.
 The granting of a certificate or degree from Translation Centre shall follow the regulations of The Ministry of Education and The University of Danang.
1. To perform research, to apply and deploy under the regulations of The Ministry of Education and The University of Danang.
2. To hold short-term training courses in translation and interpretation for interested people.
3. To organise professional activities, seminars and consultancy in order to update and enhance knowledge for agencies and individuals in need.
4. To meet the demand of translation as required.
Full name
Dr. Le Thi Giao Chi
Director of TC
M.A Nguyen Cung Tram
Vice-Director of TC