Department of Academic Affairs

Address:            Office 1:  131 Luong Nhu Hoc St., Cam Le District, Da Nang City.
                            Office 2: 41 Le Duan St., Hai Chau Distric, Da Nang City.
   Tel:                  (+ 84.236) 3699335 - 3817309.
The Department of Academic Affairs is responsible for advising the Rector on managing and development of training courses; performing the work of management and training at the university; responsible for students affairs; establishing goals, program contents and teaching plans.
- Managing, monitoring and supervising the implementation of training plans and programs.
- Designing and issuing documents (regulations, guidelines) to manage the training activities.
- Training and fostering the teaching staff’s capacity.
- Designing teaching plans and schedules
- Delivering teaching schedules to related universities and departments; reporting it to Academic Affairs Department of the University of Da Nang.
- Arranging auditorium and study rooms in accordance with the schedules.
- Organizing mid-term and final examinations, thesis defence.
- Informing the University of Da Nang about the list of graduates and periodical reports.
- Managing students’ scores and making allowance for passing courses, study deferral, suspension and cancellation.
- Organizing and monitoring work experience programs for students.
- Organizing best student competitions of the university and encouraging students to take part in competitions organized by Da Nang University or Ministry of Education and Training.
- Monitoring and managing the amount of teaching hours and teaching contracts.
- Guiding the implementation of student reward and discipline policy.
- Implementing other related activities.