Department of Inspection and Legislation

Address:    131 Luong Nhu Hoc St., Cam Le District, Da Nang City.
Tel:              (+84). 236. 3699795
The Department of Inspection and Legislation has responsibility for:
- Assisting the Rector to carry out internal inspection activities in the field of school activities in order to prevent and detect violations of law; 
- Identifying shortcomings in the management mechanism as well as rules and regulations in the field of education and training;
- Reviewing and checking the correctness and accuracy of the contents of normative documents as well as advising the Rector on the legal issues related to the organization of the University of Foreign Languages -DHDN; 
- Preparing and submitting to the Rector for promulgation documents related to inspection and examination.
- Advising on the implementation of emulation and commendation work.
1. Coordinating with other units in the school to carry out inspection and examination according to the plan of the University of Da Nang and the school.
2. Elaborating and submitting to the Rector for approving the program and inspection plan of the school's activities; anti-corruption and thrift practice, and organizing the implementation after being approved by the principal.
3. Making recommendations and suggestions to the Board for remedial measures (if any), issues to be resolved, dealt with, supplemented and adjusted in the school management.
4. Coordinating with the concerned units in providing professional fostering for the contingent of inspectors in the field of education and training.
5. Carrying out inspection tasks under the Decision No. 2952 / DHDN of May 27, 2014 of the Director of the University of Da Nang on promulgating the Regulation on organization and operation of the Da Nang University Inspectorate .
6. Reviewing document system: updating new legal documents, proposing functional units to adjust and supplement normative documents, developing a document management system related to the school's legislation, studying, proposing and applying measures to raise the effectiveness of the school's inspection and legislation.
7. Regular reviewing and controlling documents issued by the units in the University; advising and ensuring the contents of legal documents before submitting them to the principal for signature and sealing for promulgation.
8. Monitoring the implementation of normative documents in school units.
9. Coordinating with related functional units to implement the law education plan of the state and regulations of the University of Foreign Languages-DHDN. Annually drawing up plans and organizing the dissemination of legal documents as prescribed.
10. Organizing the implementation of the emulation and commendation work of the University in accordance with the current regulations; Assuming the prime responsibility for considering and proposing the conferment of emulation titles of the State to the collectives and individuals up to the standards.
 11. Joining the Commendation and Discipline Councils of officials and students; regularly receiving the citizens and coordinating with concerned units in scheduling and preparing contents and documents in service of the citizens reception in accordance with the regulations.