Department of Facilities and Equipment

Address:   131 Luong Nhu Hoc St., Cam Le District, Da Nang City.
Tel:              (+84). 236. 3797484
The Department of Facilities and Equipment is the focal point for drafting and submitting to the Rector for approval and implementation of the management plan, procurement of equipment, assisting the Rector to manage the staff, equipment, infrastructure including land, fences, internal traffic systems, sewers, etc. within the campus. On that basis, office for facilities shall perform the following tasks:
1. Managing the whole system of machines, equipment and technical facilities for training and research in the whole university. Periodically organizing the inspection, inventory and supervision of the use of materials, machinery and equipment of the units, making a plan for coordinating and managing the CSVC, repairing the damaged equipment in a timely and effective manner so as to avoid wastefulness, carrying out procedures for liquidation of machinery and equipment which are no longer usable.
2. Making plans and organizing the procurement of necessary equipment; distributing materials, means and tools in service of management, teaching and scientific research according to current regulations; organizing the implementation of decisions of the Rector on the distribution and use of the facilities.
3. Taking the lead in developing management plans, making annual budgets and promptly informing the units in the school about the repair, renovation, maintenance of classrooms, meeting rooms, experiential houses, internships, canteens, student dormitories, guest houses, electrical, refrigeration, telephone, water supply, sanitation, technical equipment ....; providing professional guidance on the use and preservation of property and equipment in service of management, teaching and research for the units and individuals throughout the University.
4. Managing and operating water supply and drainage system, grid system throughout the University. Ensuring that there is enough electricity and water for the school's activities; combating wastefulness and loss of electricity and water; organizing fire prevention and fighting; assuring labor safety for units and individuals in the school.
5. Directly managing all assets, equipment of classrooms and lecture halls; coordinating and guiding the concerned units to make effective use of the study areas, lecture halls, machinery and equipment for teaching and learning; organizing the services in the classroom, lecture room (light, sound ...) well; preparing the facilities, classrooms for entrance exams, examinations and graduation exams. 
6. Assuming the prime responsibility for, and coordinating with the units in managing and efficiently using the capital, assets, land and the School's assets (including project assets) in accordance with the provisions of current  law and the school. Making statistics and timely reports on the property and staff of the school in accordance with regulations and requirements of all levels.
7. Being one of the standing members of the Advisory Council on asset procurement, asset inventory, asset liquidation, bidding for procurement and remediation of the facilities, of departments fire prevention and flood prevention. Organizing rental service activities for the facilities; completing document systems on management, procurement, inventory, liquidation, remodeling staff and equipment.
8. Coordinating with the Department of Planning and Investment and related units to accept and receive new works, repair works, renovations, equipment and machinery for accounting into the fixed assets of the university before use; assuming the prime responsibility for, and coordinating with the Planning and Finance Department and concerned units in inventory of assets, land, houses and rooms under their management; organizing councils to liquidate damaged assets, machinery, equipment and supplies.