Updated : 06/01/2022

On the morning of November 13th, 2021, Model ASEAN Summit 2021 – MAS 2021 was officially opened. The program is organized by the Faculty of International Studies (FIS), University of Foreign Languages (UFLS) - University of Danang (UD), following the success of MAS 2017 and MAS 2019.

With the theme “Covid-19 Crisis Response in ASEAN Member States”, MAS 2021 is an opportunity for the youths to exchange and express their perspectives on economic, political and socio-cultural issues regarding the efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic of ASEAN States, simultaneously to give individuals a variety of chances to experience the working styles of high-level leaders. The meeting also helps students enhance overall understandings about the ASEAN community, sharpen the skills of doing research, debating, negotiating as well as provide them with helpful experiences.
The FIS, the host of MAS 2021, is known as the first training program in International Studies in Viet Nam certified to meet the AUN-QA standards. The FIS offers courses and training on International Studies and Asian Studies which mainly focus on studying issues in Southeast and Northeast Asia; International relations in the Asia-Pacific region particularly and in other parts of the world generally. With those academic focuses, the FIS of UFLS provides students with knowledge of not only political, economic, cultural issues in Vietnam but also social and legal ones that extend beyond national boundaries.